• Please audio-record at least 10 minutes of a walk you take (the recording device on your smartphone is fine, no need to get fancy)
  • The walk should be primarily be outside with a focus on the ambient sounds of your surroundings, but if you need to duck inside to conduct a quick errand or carry on a quick conversation, that is completely fine
  • Please note the location of the recording, the time of day, and, if you would like to be credited as the source, the name you would like to be credited under. The more specific you can be with the information the better, but don't stress about it too much if you can't remember the exact minute you started.
  • Send the audio-file and accompanying information to emilycroff@gmail.com with the subject line: Walk Sounds
  • You are welcome to send in multiple recordings as long as they are from different locations (the same city but different neighborhood is fine, just note the neighborhood in the location section)
  • As a contributor, you would get early access to the database of world walks before it is made available to others!